Spanish Classes for Children

The Mico Spanish program for kids


Mico Spanish Methodology

After 8 years of research I have created the Mico Spanish program in where they are able to follow a natural way of learning a language.
Classes are taught entirely in Spanish, making the child understand the information that is being transmitted through gestures, actions or photos.
Far from conventional classroom teaching, I do activities where children feel they are going to play and have fun, using tools such as music, learning material, toys or crafts amongst other things.
When working in ages where the brain is still developing, not only is taught a language, but it is done by working on other aspects such as motor skills or motivating creativity and

Evolution in learning

We can differentiate 3 stages in the evolution of learning.

Listening – The child simply listens and tries to understand. During this stage it is common for children not to speak or answer properly to the teacher’s questions but in their own language, that is a sign that they are already understanding.

Speaking – Children begin to articulate words. Sometimes this stage begins at the same time as listening. Depending on the age and level of each child, the teacher will encourage everyone to talk more.

Reading and writing – Usually from 7 years old. Children begin to read and write words and sentences in Spanish.

Use your Creative Kids Voucher at Your Spanish Classes